Reproducing Old Tile

Reproducing old ceramic tiles and mosaic tiles façades.

Teamwork is able to offer appropriate solutions for the renovation of ceramic walls or floors, making exact reproductions of the original pieces and improving the technical characteristics, thanks to the most recent technology.

The versatility of the ceramic product allows the adoption of different solutions to create pieces by following a scheme or a sample and adopting the specific client’s requests. Starting from the original ceramic tile, Teamwork can realize a faithful reproduction, in terms of glaze effects, material and shape. Ceramic tiles’ reproduction for outdoor, clinker and porcelain stoneware or double firing ceramic mosaic. Teamwork’s flexibility allows the client to resolve the problem in terms of research of the tiles that are out of production. This service may avoid, in some cases, the complete replacement of the ceramic covering, and, in this way, the renovation costs are considerably reduced.



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