Clinker coverings 'outdoor facades’ renovation

Clinker, well-known for its excellent technical features in terms of resistance and frost-resistance has been extensively used for façades’ outdoor coverings. Clinker, thanks to its high durability, low-maintenance need and endless expressive possibilities has been the main protagonist in the architecture from the post-war period until the 70s.
In the context of the upgrading of the existing architectural heritage and, in compliance with the architectural constraints, Teamwork can create, in combination with the already existing clinker tile, a new one, having better technical features, in terms of durability, resistance and lightness. Teamwork can reproduce the already existing clinker in the same dimensions and three-dimensional reliefs, by using porcelain stoneware atomized mixtures, both pressed and extruded. The finishing, in compliance with the original project, may be obtained with coloured clays or glazes’ application, in combination with the existing clinker.


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