Ceramic Cladding Facades

Ceramic coating for external facades

Teamwork develops and produces custom three-dimensional stoneware ceramic tiles which are suitable for external façades. Customized tiles are resistant to chemical agent attacks and are characterized by a wide range of finishes, depending on clients’ requests. The surface’s effect and finish do not lose its brightness due to the events and we guarantee that every product is custom-made, in compliance with the ISO 10545 parameters.

Our custom ceramic tile façades’ cladding combines the beauty of a high quality ceramic tile finish with other important aspects such as: higher resistance to UV rays and to chemical and atmospheric agents, innovative design, durability.

In addition to this, its unique colour range can be adapted to any kind of decorative style. Lastly, the chance of creating the on demand requested colour generates endless design possibilities for architects, allowing them to realize whatever they would like to.


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