Bespoke Tiles

Customized tiles for exclusive projects

Every project starts from an idea. Teamwork develops and plans exclusive ceramic pieces, that are used to furnish shops and tile buildings, both public and private. Important designers and architects have relied on Teamwork in order to create unique pieces used for the realization of innovative projects aimed at prestigious firms bound to this luxury brand.

Expertise and flexibility are Teamwork’s trademarks which guarantee the development and the creation of three-dimensional shapes and special ceramic trims. All these features are conceived in order to meet the most demanding designers’ requests. Teamwork commits in the pursuit of exclusive ceramic effects, such as: metallic, crackle or colors created from a sample, which are analyzed and developed, by following the client/designer ideas and the project’s purpose.
In this way, unique and exclusive ceramic pieces are created, which are suitable for the most diverse uses (indoor and outdoor, floor and coverings, decorative and technical). All these steps have to follow both the parameters and the required qualitative standards.

bespoke ceramic tiles


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