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TeamWork is a well-established organisation who avails of professionals with a consolidated and large experience in all the different company functions of the whole ceramic sector (products-services-consulting). In this way can be guaranteed the highest professionalism to the customer in a background of a large evolution of this sector. The operative office is situated internally of the ceramic district of Sassuolo, the area where have origin and are developed the most important innovations of products and processes of growth, characterising in this way the expansion of the ceramic sector in the world. The objective of TeamWork is to furnish products, services and/or products/services, convenient to the specific demands of the customer, offering in this way, with competence and trustworthiness, personalised and definitive solutions. TeamWork’s core business mainly evolve on special ceramic products as ceramic mosaic and special ceramic tiles. In the last time Teamwork realized exclusive special ceramic tiles used on fashion shops furnishing , building façade and public works. Teamwork worked at the development of bespoke ceramic tiles together with famous designers and architects. Teamwork is able to reproduce old ceramic tiles and mosaic tiles façades for the renovation of ceramic walls. In these years TeamWork has realized special ceramic tiles for walls, buildings and floors making exact reproductions of the original pieces and improving the technical characteristics.



Teamwork is available to cooperate with design studios, starting from customized tiles and special ceramic trims’ “concept phase”, by recommending designers the most effective technical solutions, in conformity with the whole project’s main purpose.


Each production is entirely customized. Teamwork, thanks to its flexibility and experience, guarantees the development and the production of innovative and high-design ceramic tiles and mosaics. We develop any ceramic tiles’ shape and size for indoor coverings, floor tiles and external façades.


Faithful reproduction of out of production indoor and outdoor ceramic tiles and mosaic, to renovate and refurbish floors and historical buildings’ ceramic façades.


Ceramic Mosaic

Special Ceramic Trims


Ceramic cladding façades

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