ceramic tiles special pieces, TeamWork a wide range of ceramic tiles special pieces.

ceramica pezzi speciali

The objective of TeamWork is to furnish products, services and/or products/services, convenient to the specific demands of the customer, offering in this way, with competence and trustworthiness, personalised and definitive solutions.

At present the prevailing activity of TeamWork is centred on expansion and marketing of special ceramic products: ceramic mosaic and special technical and aesthetical pieces.

ceramic special pieces

ceramica pezzi speciali, cliccare sul logo per entrare nel sito dove potrete trovare una ampia gamma di pezzi speciali per ceramica: bordi, sgusciette, canalette, gradini "pezzo unico", sguscie, battiscopa, mosaici ed altri srvizi che riguardano l'industria ceramica, quindi non solo pezzi speciali....

ceramics trim pieces

TeamWork - ceramic tile special pieces

ceramic tile special pieces, ceramic mosaic